Feature Film
Psychological Horror | UK
Status: Script

IMDb Pro

‘Beware the kindness of strangers.’
Writers: Mat Johns and Colin McCracken
Director: Mat Johns (attached)
Producer: Chris Lane

Sam has been on the road for almost a year, as far from her American hometown as possible. Travelling through the UK, she meets up with Chris and Mara, a young couple who have relocated to a sleepy seaside town to try and get their lives together. Suffering financial strain and indeterminate career prospects, they welcome Sam into their lives; she serves as a reminder of the carefree spirits they used to be. Together they form a unit; a family of their own, until a series of events cause Sam to reveal who she really is, and what she’s been running from all this time.

Following in the footsteps of classics such as STRAW DOGS and SINGLE WHITE FEMALE; RUN combines the best elements of genre cinema to deliver something truly unique. The short film version, made in 2012, gained much critical and professional acclaim after it was shared by Stephen Fry with his followers on Twitter. It has since gone on to be featured on’s Saturday Shorts and as well as dozens of other websites and blogs, gaining over 100,000 views.

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