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Leapling Films are looking to recruit the following cast for an upcoming feature film called Amira.

Applicants must be Manchester based or able to work as local.


To apply for one of the roles below please complete this form.

AMIRA / Lead / Female / South Asian / 20-30

Migrated to the UK with her family when she was around 8. Now she’s old beyond her years. Well-traveled and observant. Not what she appears to be. 

Wardrobe: Backpacker


DANNY / Lead / Male / Caucasian / 40-45

A divorcee who lost his young son a year ago. Trying to find his new place in the world. As funny as he is tragic. 

Wardrobe: Casual

CAFFERY / Supporting / Male / Caucasian / 50
A tall, stocky, rugged, and imposing Scot. He looks for the dangerous folk the police aren’t equipped to deal with. 
Wardrobe: Outdoorsy / Hunter

LEKHA / Supporting / Female / South Asian / 40-45 
As Amira’s mother, Lekha is a woman who has had to make hard decisions in relation to her family. 
Wardrobe: South Asian / Casual

HOLLY / Supporting / Female / Caucasian / 45-50
Smart, funny and honest. Holly is Danny’s sister and she’s trying to help him to get on with his life. 
Wardrobe: Casual

LEO / Supporting / Male / Caucasian / 30
A computer geek and Satanist. He helps people who don’t want to be seen to cross international borders. 
Wardrobe: Grunge

DOCTOR / Supporting / Male / South Asian / 50

Amira and Lekha's family doctor. A long-time friend of the family.

MANI / Supporting / Male / South Asian / 30-35

Lekha's nephew, Amira's cousin.

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