Charity song and music video, created in order to raise money for NHS Charities and increase awareness of community website selfquaran.TEAM.

Starring Michele Dotrice, Steve Evets and Ewen MacIntosh the music video has been edited by Andrew McKee, editor of the BIFA winning film In Another Life.

At the end of February we followed seventy-eight leap day babies as they celebrated their unique birthday onboard a cruise ship.

Coronavirus nearly resulted us in making a very different film called Forever Stuck but luckily we're now back on dry land and Siôn Roberts has begun the edit.

Our latest BFI backed project starring Joanne Mitchell and talented newcomer Payal Mistry is complete.

The film will be submitted to film festivals in due course.

Leapling's inaugural film screened at over 150 film festivals worldwide and has now received 3.5 million views across all online platforms.

An unusual take on the zombie genre the film features special make-up effects from Shaune Harrison (Harry Potter, Star Wars) and Brogan Sharp (Black Mirror, Yesterday).